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Processing Line

Waste-Not Recycling of Loveland, Colorado received a grant from the State of Colorado to purchase and install equipment needed for a processing line. The line reduces materials to small particles, enabling mechanical materials separation. Specific equipment includes a shredder, gravity separator, cross-belt magnetic separator, eddy current separator, conveyors, granulator and dust containment system.

Landfill Diversion

Waste-Not will process up to 9 million pounds of recyclables per year. Processed materials will be diverted from landfills. The first year will keep over 1 million pounds of skis, snowboards and boots from local landfills. These streams are approximately 5% steel, 25 % aluminum, 60% plastic and the balance are wood and fiberglass. Over 9,000 cubic yards of landfill space will be saved from recovering just the ski plastic in the first year of operation. At full capacity this would exceed 81,000 cubic yards per year.

Reclaiming Valuable Materials

The processing equipment will extract plastic and metals which are valuable feed stock for new manufacturing. These cannot be recycled without a sophisticated process involving shredding and subsequent separation. End markets for most of these products are established.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Benefits

Eliminating the need for mining new metals or extracting petroleum to make new plastics will save over 9,800 barrels of oil and reduce 589 metric tons of carbon emission annually from just recycling 1 million pounds of skis.