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  • Collection
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  • Reclaim
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Collection of unwanted snow sports equipment occurs now at multiple locations throughout the Western United States. Skiers and boarders now have a responsible way to discard their unused equipment. The SSRP has now partnered with retailers to provide drop off sites, which consolidate and deliver to a regional processing sites.


Processing occurs at local sites within metro areas using a mobile unit. This mobile unit allows the SSRP to reduce it’s carbon footprint and cost, while retrieving materials to be used in the local markets.


Through this process the SSRP can separate the metals, plastics, fiberglass, and woods that then can be reclaimed and repurposed into other products both inside and outside the snow sports industry.


Currently the SSRP is separating the different plastics to be used in various application booth at the consumer and industrial levels. The metal is sent to local smelters where it is melted down and reused in other products, while the fiberglass and wood is being used as fillers for a variety of products.